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Mary Lynn Fluter is a world experienced photographer. Her intuition and ability to capture truly memorable moments stems from her practice of always having a camera at hand to follow the story and light around us. Mediocrity simply is not a term in her vocabulary. 

Every composition is well thought out and executed with excellence.

She has trekked across deserts, through remote villages and remained still for days to capture her ideal image. Her meditation is looking through viewfinder. When on the road shooting for publications or for her studio, a hotel is not her first choice…she much prefers living amongst the locals and tribes, totally immersing herself in the culture she is visiting. Her approach leads to the creation of inspirational works of art.

The love of her talented husband Denis, and her sons Joshua and Jordan, support and inspire her to keep looking to the light.

This website is a selected group of photos chosen over the 45 years of her adventurous life. This is only the beginning of her works to come.


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